Top Protein Sources For Vegetarians For Faster Weight Loss

By on February 9, 2013

An important nutrient that it is best to have as part of your diet when trying to shed weight is protein. If you’re vegetarian, you may discover that a lot of the foods you consume are very low in protein.

Protein is very important as it’s going to speed up your metabolism and prevent loss of lean muscle mass. You should therefore get enough protein to be able to experience the best results from your diet.

If you might be following a vegetarian diet you should eat some essential meals that contain a large quantity of protein. In order to see the very best results from the diet, you must do this.


Qunoa must be eaten on a regular basis since it is high in protein. If you are following a vegetarian diet then quinoa is perfect, since it is a complete source of protein it is a wonderful replacement for brown rice. Quinoa is an important food to include into your diet and can be included with many dishes such as beans, salad and stir-fry.


When you think about a vegetarian diet, you will no doubt think about tofu. How you cook tofu will affect its taste, therefore it’s a misconception that it always tastes horrible. You should look into adding it to your vegetarian diet, as it can taste nice if it has been prepared properly.


Tempeh is the next food which is popular amoing vegetarians as a result of its high source of protein. Another key advantage to adding tempeh to your meal plan is that it does help to reduce your cholesterol levels.

Soy Beans

The next food that is high in protein and excellent for a vegetarian diet is soy beans. Having a few servings of these a week shall be enough to help you increase your health and your overall protein intake, although men should go easy on them as they could impact your testosterone levels. Soy beans may also be consumed a variety of different ways so get a bit creative inside the kitchen to see what you like best.


Nuts are the final recommended food that you can add into your vegetarian diet, it’s because of the essential nutrients that you can find in them. Eating nuts will guarantee that your diet receives a high quantity of quality protein, together with healthy fats and fiber. As they’re fairly low in carbohydrates, nuts are perfect for the diet.

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