Raspberry Ketone – A Revolutionary Weight Loss Method in a Bottle?

By on April 15, 2013
Raspberry Ketone

Ever since Dr Oz presented in one of his shows the benefits of raspberry ketone, a great number of products containing this natural weight loss substance have appeared on the market. One of them is Raspberry Ketones Max, a product that is available over-the-counter in USA and promises to facilitate weight loss naturally, quickly and effectively. Find out more about this product, its effects and benefits in order to learn whether it is the right choice for you!

What are raspberry ketone?

Ketone is a substance found in small quantities in red raspberries, cranberries and blackberries. This chemical is used in cosmetic and food industries, because of its delicious flavor and very pleasant smell. However, this substance is not just a flavor additive, because it has been showed to have a wide range of health benefits. The substance facilitates weight loss and the increase of lean body mass, reduces obesity, increases metabolism and is also considered to facilitate hair growth. Among these benefits, the most important one remains its ability to foster weight loss.

Because the amount of ketones found in raspberries is very low, this substance is an expensive one. To benefit from this natural weight loss chemical, people can take supplements that contain raspberry extract. There are numerous natural supplements that contain high amounts of ketones on the US market, including Raspberry Ketone Plus or Raspberry Ketones Max.

Raspberry Ketone Benefits

Raspberry Ketones Max, a new supplement containing raspberry extract, promises to offer all the benefits of natural ketones in a single bottle:

  • Weight loss promotion
  • Metabolism boost
  • Increase in fat oxidation
  • Reducing fatigue
  • Increase in energy

As you can see, the product does not only claim to help weight loss, but also to improve the general health level of the individual. The supplement improves energy levels, reduces fatigue and boosts fat oxidation. All these benefits contribute to weight loss, as long as the supplement is combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Is the raspberry ketone effective?

Clinical trials on mice have shown the efficiency of ketones. In a few published studies, the mice that were fed high doses of this substance showed reduced blood triglyceride after meals high in fat compared to mice that did not receive the chemical. Furthermore, the onset of obesity was prevented in the case of the former. These clinical tests have brought clear empirical proof of the results fostered by ketones. As Raspberry Ketones Max contains a high amount of pure extract, it could promote the same results in humans. Unfortunately, clinical trials testing the efficiency of ketones in promoting weight loss in humans have not yet been conducted.

Raspberry Ketone Side effects

Considering the fact that ketone is a natural substance found in raspberries, the side effects of consuming it are almost inexistent. FDA has labeled raspberry ketone as generally recognized as safe.

Raspberry Ketone Dosage

The substance dosage in the Raspberry Ketones Max supplement is 300 mg. Because there are no known side-effects of using raspberry ketone pills, or any known interactions with other types of medication, deciding on the most appropriate dose is difficult.

With this substance, it might seem that more is better, because the higher the amount of pure raspberry extract the supplement contains, the faster results might appear. The 300 mg dose of the raspberry ketone might be just enough to speed up your weight loss program, and, as the product is natural and safe, there is nothing you could lose by taking it except some pounds. So go ahead and give it a try!

Where to buy raspberry ketone

If you live in the USA, the easiest way to buy this raspberry ketone is through the internet. By ordering it online, you could enjoy fair prices and you might also have the chance to take advantage of some nice special offers. So, buy Raspberry Ketone Max online to get a nice bargain!


This weight-loss product is, no doubt, a promising one. Unfortunately, as there are no clinical studies to prove its efficiency on humans, the only information you can rely on concerning its effects is customer feedback, which is very favorable. However, the substance has been proven to be useful on mice (just like many other types of medicine which have afterwards been proven successful if used on humans, too), and is 100% natural and safe.

Find out more about Raspberry Ketone Max, because it can prove to be a very helpful addition to your weight loss efforts!


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