Adiphene – Losing Weight Was Never Easier

By on July 17, 2013

It is produced by a pharmaceutical company called RDK Pharm and it comes in bottles containing 60 capsules. It is said to make the process of losing weight smooth and easy, by regulating some functions of your organism.

How Does Adiphene Work?

It contains 5 categories of ingredients, each of these groups of substances playing an important role in boosting your metabolism, reducing the sensation of hunger or preventing fat storage.

  • Thermogenic agents – One of these is the extract of Cayenne Capsicum, a variety of hot pepper that improves the blood flow in the veins and capillary vessels found in areas with adipose tissue. The other ingredient with thermogenic properties is the cinnamon extract that plays a great role in reducing the amount of fat accumulated on your belly. 
  • Fat burners – Three different substances from this category are incorporated in the formula of Adiphene. Ginger root increases the rate of your metabolism, allowing the fat cells to be burnt more quickly. L-carnitine HCL has the role to break the long-chained fatty acids, turning them into energy. Vitamin B6 accelerates the metabolic processes, so the whole amount of food you consume is used to provide your organism with the necessary energy.
  • Hunger suppressants – The substance that keeps your cravings at bay, controlling your desire to eat great amounts of food is called glucomannan and it is also known as kanjac root. Its action consists in making your brain transmit nervous impulses that determine you to feel less hungry and to eat only the amount of food you really need.
  • Fatty cells binder – The extract from chitosan breaks the fats from the foods, binding them and carrying them from the stomach to the intestines. This way, the fat is digested and turned into energy, instead of being deposited in the tissues and muscles.
  • Metabolism boosters – Theobromine, a substance found in the cacao extract, has the role to inhibit the storage of fat cells. Bitter orange is another ingredient of Adiphene that speeds up your metabolism. The extract of Guarana is a substance that helps the digestive system to turn all the consumed food into energy, preventing the formation of fat deposits. Chromium picolinate increases the effect of insulin, keeping the level of fat cells under a strict control. The extract from the root of Ginseng panax helps the carbohydrates to be assimilated by the organism by breaking them and turning them into energy. Also, it controls the level of blood sugar, preventing the apparition of diabetes.

It is recommended that you take one capsule of Adiphene 20 minutes before lunch and dinner. You have to drink about 8 oz of water after taking the pill, to increase its effect even more. Although the first results become noticeable in just a few days, it is advisable that you follow a complete cure of 90 days for them to become permanent. All you have to do in order to enjoy the numerous and fantastic benefits is to order the Adiphene without delay.

Health Benefits

  • Increased metabolism – The ingredients included in the formula of this product accelerate the digestion of all types of food. This way, the fats are turned into energy, fueling the organism instead of being stored in different areas of the body. 
  • A better blood flow – The ingredients in Adiphene melt the fat layer on the veins and capillaries, allowing the blood to circulate faster. This way, the chances for you to develop a heart condition are significantly diminished.
  • Diminished hunger – When you are on a weight loss diet, your brain tends to sabotage your efforts by inducing you a permanent sensation of hunger. A substance from this product makes the brain cooperate, so you do not resent the need to overeat.
  • Intensified fat burn – All the fat that enters your body is processed by the stomach and the intestines instead of being stored. Besides, the excess of adipose tissue is also melted. The result is more energy, for you to cope successfully with your daily tasks, regardless of how soliciting they are.

Adiphene Side Effects?

The formula of this product is based entirely on extracts from plants and herbs and no side effects were reported. However, some of the ingredients may cause allergic reactions, so it is advisable to ask for a professional opinion before beginning treatment.

Adiphene Reviews

A lot of people who followed this treatment were thrilled by the way even the most stubborn fat deposits are eliminated. They report being very satisfied with the fact that the results are permanent and not a single pound of the weight lost is regained.


Given the 30 days money back guarantee and the advantages that come with Adiphene, you have nothing to lose except the extra pounds, so order it now and start enjoying an amazing transformation.

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